Sunday, January 23, 2011

So what is this all about?

We all share the same world. Breath the same air. The rain drops on all of us, rich and poor. The sun shines on the weak and the strong. The sick and healthy, the rich and the poor share the same stars in the heavens.

But we all have one question that we all must ask. A question that divides brother from sister. Son from father and husband from wife.

Who is Jesus Christ to you?

To me, he is God in the flesh, The Eternal Truth. The beginning and the end. My creator, my salvation and my redeemer. He is perfect man, and perfect God. He is the 2nd person of the Trinity. Born of a virgin.
Crucified and raised in the flesh.

I believe this because He said so.

In a nutshell, I believe Jesus.

His word, is written on my heart.... tattooed by His Spirit more and more each day...

This is not going to be a hell fire and damnation blog. Nor is it going to be a feel good blog either.

It's going to be a simple and truthful reflection on the world we live in by someone who was called by Christ to be his follower...

Who do you say that Jesus is?

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